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7 Remarkable Crypto Things in 2022, and the Challenge for 2023

Is Crypto a Force for Good or Evil in Our World?

5 Crypto Things in 2022 that Really Rustled the Jimmies

2023: Regulation and Decentralization Coming to Head

Cointelegraph: Top 5 Winners and Losers of 2022

Cointelegraph: The 5 Most Important Regulatory Developments of 2022

Cointelegraph: Top 7 Crypto Collapses of 2022

Top 4 Crypto Stories to Watch Before the New Year

SBF’s ‘$250 Million Bond’ is a Chimera

SEC Takes Prudent Action in Auditing to Ensure Proof-of-Reserves Reports

Growing Number of Democrat Lawmakers Critical of the SEC

Riding the Censorship Wave Behind FTX Debacle

Howey Test Doesn’t Fit Crypto, SEC's Hester Peirce Says

Congressman: SEC Was ‘Asleep at the Wheel’ Regarding FTX

FSOC Calls for Regulatory Reform from Congress

Sen. Warren’s Anti-Money Laundering Legislation is Bad Medicine

Calls for Crypto, Regulatory Reform Intensify in DC

FTX Fallout: More Lawmakers Take Sides in Crypto Regulation

Industry Needs to Take Initiative in Lobbying Lawmakers

More Voices Join Call for Regulatory Reform

SCOTUS Decision Could Set Stage for Decentralized Social Media

It’s About Ethics in Crypto Journalism

Government Issued Currency is the Real Ponzi Scheme

What Paul Krugman Gets Wrong About Crypto

House Financial Services Chair Won’t Subpoena SBF

Two New Crypto Regulation Bills That Make Sense

Blockdata Report: The State of CBDCs Worldwide in 2022

Binance CEO Pushes Back Against False Narratives About FTX, SBF

It Wasn’t Bad Business Circumstances, It Was a Crime

Privacy, National Security and Sanctions Don’t Mix

‘Twitter Coin’ Could Free Social Media Giant from Advertiser Pressure

'Crypto is Dying' Declares Extremely Nervous Central Bank for the 8th Time

Schrödinger's Regulation: Why We Do and Don’t Need New Crypto Regulation

FTX Fraud Gets More Ridiculous as More Layers are Revealed

Public Pension Funds Still See Crypto As Key Investment

Lummis: Congress Needs to Understand Crypto

How a Worldwide, Web3 Turing Machine Could Free Your Time and Your Mind

Regulatory Reform is More Pressing Than Crypto Industry Reform

Martin Luther’s Reformation as a Roadmap for Cryptocurrency?

Crypto is Pushing Back Against FTX-Fueled Criticisms

FTX Underscores How Much We Need Web3 and More DeFi

Bitcoin Mag Asks: What is Your Relationship to Money?

FTX Collapse Creating Strange Bedfellows

FTX Collapse Will Fuel Appetite for Harsher Crypto Regulation

Tech Jobs Cut by Thousands. Is Crypto Next?

Tablet Mag: Media Pass for SBF/FTX Made it Worse

Crypto Dark Knight Stepping Up Where Crypto ‘White Knight’ Failed

Silvermint Challenges the Crypto Community to Rise to Our Standards in the Wake of FTX

FTX/SBF: A $32B Tale of Grift and Political Collusion Dirtying Crypto’s Image

The Ethics of Crypto

SBF, FTX Crash Could Give Lummis-Gillibrand Crypto Bill Some Oxygen

Bankman-Fried’s $14.6 Billion Wipeout Will Impact Crypto Regulation

Treasury, OFAC Double Down on Tornado Cash

The IRS is Gunning for Crypto in 2023 – Vote Accordingly

Crypto Community Divided Over Senate Measure Empowering CFTC

Stakes For Crypto in Tuesday’s Elections Are High

Russell Brand Explains All the Dangerous Implications of CBDCs

New to the Cryptocurrency World? Try Digging into Vitalkic Buterin's New Book

"Regulatory Clarity" Not the Only Answer for Opening Investor Doors to the Crypto Market

Twitter Monthly Fees Could Speed Crypto Adoption Globally

UN Claims Terrorists Turning to Crypto Despite Scant Evidence

CFTC Commissioner: Existing TradFi Regs Aren’t a Good Fit for Crypto

Twitter Acquisition Could Bring Us a Step Closer to Web3 Adoption

Musk’s Twitter Acquisition a Win for the Crypto Community

PayPal “Misinformation” Fine Proves the Need for DeFi

Survey Shows Americans See More Promise Than Risks in Crypto

Bloomberg Businessweek Publishes 40,000-Word Article on Crypto

Gensler Tells Securities Conference Decentralization isn’t a Fact of Crypto Markets

Should OFAC’s Blacklist be Respected or Ignored?

Decentralized Social Network Bluesky Gets 30,000 Signups for Beta

Site Provides Good Tools for those New to the Crypto Space

Cointelegraph: Crypto Industry Needs to Self-Regulate

House Digital Commodities Bill a Threat to DeFi

IG Report: SEC Lacks Legal and Technical Staff to Properly Regulate

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Adds Voice to Grayscale Lawsuit Against ETF Move

Ethereum Hits Sad Milestone with Half its Blocks Censored

CBDCs Would Further Politicize Money in a Sinister Way

Bored Ape Yacht Club Founders Make Rare Podcast Appearance

MasterCard is Moving into Crypto and Bringing KYC, AML Regs with It

Web3 Will Dethrone the Web2 Gatekeepers

Fed Governor Waller Adds Voice to Fed Leadership Opposed to CBDC

Congress Could Use Budgeting Power to Force SEC to Provide Clarity

SEC Commissioner Peirce Says New Crypto Law Needed for Clarity and Guidance

If They Can Censor Kanye West They Can Censor Anyone

Social Tokens, NFTs Drive Push to Web3

Former Currency Comptroller Says Crypto Needs Freedom to Grow

Currency Comptroller Puts Brakes on TradFi Move into Crypto

SEC Under Pressure to Release Hinman Speech Draft or Settle with Ripple

The G20 is Right: Algorithmic Stablecoins are Inherently Unstable

Russian Businesses Using Crypto to Avoid Western Sanctions

Coindesk Breaks Down the Priorities the FSOC Lays Out for Regulatory Policy

Colorado Becomes Latest State to Accept Crypto for Taxes, Payments

CFTC Commissioner Says ‘Regulation by Enforcement’ Needs to Change

Lawmakers: The Fed Doesn’t Have the Authority to Issue a CBDC

CFTC May Seem More Crypto Friendly But There are Red Flags All Over

Turf War Between CFTC and SEC Goes Viral

Bitcoin Magazine Continues Its Expose on the Dangers of CBDCs

TradFi Pushes Against Caps on Crypto Holdings Because of ‘Balance Sheet Leakage’

Confusion and Haste in Washington Over Crypto as Election and Global Recession Loom

Banks Aren’t Warming to Crypto and It’s Not Just Regulatory Uncertainty – It’s Fear

Anti-Crypto Legislators Gin Up Latter-Day ‘Red Scare’ to Attack Economic Privacy

CBDCs Are a Threat, But Are They Also a Pipe Dream?

Senate Bill Would Create a Two-Year Safe Harbor for Exchanges

New Bill Would Allow 401(k) Investments in Crypto

SEC Regulator Calendar Shows Alleged Bias in Case Against XRP/Ripple

CFTC Chair: Crypto Deserves Better Regulation, not 70-Year-Old Case Law

A CBDC is Literally Beyond the Government’s Capability

Bitcoin Policy Institute Joins Silvermint’s Call to Reject US CBDC

White House Kicks the Can Down the Road on Crypto Guidance

Reason #8,934 We Need Decentralization and Censorship-Resistant Crypto

The Crypto Industry Resistance is Growing Bolder

BlockChain Association Head Understates Industry Concern Over CBDCs

JP Morgan Chase CEO Who Took $25B Government Bailout Says Crypto ‘Not Good for Anybody’

Seven Reports from Three Departments Chart the Course of Crypto Regulation

Russia Serves as a Case Study on Why TradFi is More Attractive for Money Laundering

US Anti-Privacy Crypto Approach Will Aid China’s AI Goals

Ripple General Counsel Says SEC’s Gensler Can’t Appoint Himself Crypto Cop

Treasury Dept. Provides Senate Banking Committee Weak Rationale for Tornado Cash Sanction

Poll: More than Half of Americans Oppose a Federal Reserve CBDC

Japan Takes a More Crypto Welcoming Approach

Senators Want More From SEC’s Gensler on Cryto Regs, Scope 3 Disclosures

White House Bizarrely Calls Crypto a ‘Threat’ to Ordinary Americans

SEC Guidance on Crypto is Scaring Off Bank From Custody Projects

Is Ethereum Stepping Backwards into a Blockchain 'Monolemma' with the Merge?

Coinbase Lawsuit Will Decide if Treasury Can Sanction Open Source Code

SEC Chair Gensler Tells Senate Banking Committee Some Tokens Aren’t Securities

California Courts Dangerously Onerous Crypto Regulatory Bill

Nations Adopting CBDCs Will Drive People to DeFi Crypto

Latest Effort to Politicize Banking Services Makes the Case for DeFi and Censorship Resistance

We Need a Decentralized Currency and Finance Model

SEC Determined to Regulate the Future with Tools of the Past

Legacy Media Wants Crypto Brought to Heel

SEC Chair Gensler: No Carve-Outs or Safe Harbors for Tokens

Fed Vice Chair: Integrating Crypto in TradFi Requires More Regulation

Crypto’s ‘Uncreative Camels’ Need To Take More Risks

Crypto Regulation and Legislation Stall Ahead of Mid-Term Elections

Could the Digital Yuan Unseat the Dollar?

Can Cryptocurrency Empower Workers as Unions Did?

Invasive Anti-Money Laundering Rules Don’t Work

What to Expect If Crypto Regulations Hit

Proposed 1040 Question on Digital Assets Will Trip Up Taxpayers, CPAs Say

Introducing Silvermint office hours

What If the State was Demonetized by Sound Money?

Ripple Counsel: SEC Expanding its Turf at the Expense of Crypto Economy

Western Sanctions Threaten European Economy, while Iran Side-steps them with Crypto

Crypto’s True Value is Separation of Money and State

Responses to White House Executive Order on Crypto Regs Due Next Week

Nic Carter: If Ethereum Slashes It Will Burn

Former SEC Chair: SEC Needs to Embrace Crypto Before Regulating It

Blockchain Will Render Facebook, Twitter and the Rest Obsolete

In a Time of Universal Centralization, Cryptocurrency is a Revolutionary Act

Ethereum’s Problems Compound on the Verge of the ‘Merge’

Lawmaker Joins Voices Demanding Answers Over Tornado Cash Sanction

The Crypto Community Joins Silvermint in Condemning SEC Chair Gensler

SEC Chair Gensler Ups the ‘Regulation by Enforcement’ Effort Against Crypto

Strange Bedfellows: Banks, Crypto Push Back Against US CBDC

IRS Puts Cryptocurrency in the Crosshairs with Inflation Reduction Act

Lawmakers Take on Environmental Damage from Proof-of-Work

Law Enforcement Can’t Have Access to Everyone’s Data

SEC Sues 2017 ‘Zombie Coin’ to Expand its Regulatory Boundaries

Fed Guidelines on Crypto Banking Creates a Framework for Denying Access, Destroying Innovation

Regulations Stymie the Development of Viable DeFi Models

SCOTUS Ruling on EPA Overreach Could Be Boon for Crypto

High Demand for Blockchain Engineers Shows Industry Growth

Now Authorities Are Going After Tornado Cash Developers

Crypto Advocates Must Get Involved in Politics to Hold the Line on Regulations

Is Treasury Declaring Open War on Crypto?

Crypto-Critic Peter Schiff Forced to Liquidate His Bank Amid Allegations of Fraud, Money Laundering

SEC Pushing Hard to Regulate Tokens as Securities, Expand Howey Test

Dangerous Precedent: Treasury Department Adds Tornado Cash to US Sanctions Blacklist

The Promise and Threats to Crypto by 2027

CBDCs Represent a Direct Threat to Democracy

Bloomberg’s Crypto Pod Zeroes in on Crypto Regulation

Lessons from Turkey’s Crypto Community on Fighting Regulation

Senate Ag Committee Wants CFTC to Be Prime Crypto Regulator

‘Complexity’ Is a Problem That Can Be Overcome — Solving the Trilemma

What we know about the Solana attacks

Solana Hack Shows the Weakness of Solidity

Solana Wallet Hacks — A Timeline

Here’s How the $190M Nomad Bridge Hack Happened

CBDCs Bring Even More Centralization and Danger than TradFi

The Merge Won’t Bring Ethereum Up to Speed

Crypto Market Optimism Rising After July Performance

Lawmakers Push for More Regulation, Caution About Crypto

SEC’s Arbitrary Assault on Coinbase Will Have Chilling Effect

Upgrading the blog

US Senator Demands Clarity and Sanity from the SEC Over Crypto Enforcement

SEC Crackdown on Coinbase Draws Broad-Based Criticism

A Quick Dive into the Digital Asset Reg Bill in the House

Mass Bitcoin Adoption as an Investment? Sure. As P2P Payment? No.

Potential Fed Hike and Big 5 Tech Earnings Turn Crypto Market Volatile

Disgraced 3AC Duo Tell Bloomberg They Regret the Losses, Now Off to Dubai

Ethereum’s Merge Could Bring Optimism Back to Market and Underscore the Need to Move to…

Bitcoin is Rallying, but is it Sustainable?

Chip Stocks Rally on Semiconducter Funding Bill News Despite Ominous Forecast

Bitcoin Beat Record Rise in Inflation — So What Now?

SEC Wants More Money, Staff for Crypto as Congress Pushes for Comprehensive Regs

Bitcoin Lacks Speed, Transaction Throughput for Daily Remittances, Experts Say

Bitcoin Beat Record Rise in Inflation — So What Now?

Silvermint and the Slope of Enlightenment

Re-Introducing: Silvermint

CBDCs v Crypto — The World is Getting Away from Centralization

Calls from All the Strangest Places

Utah Moves Into Pole Position

Twitter, Musk and the Censorship Game